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Dugga Integrates Cloud PBX in Teams

A complete telephone solution with short response times!

Dugga started as a research project at the Stockholm School of Economics and the goal was clear, to develop a platform for fair knowledge assessment. A platform for teachers created by teachers and to base all functionality on real research. The platform would be 100% digital and be an active support throughout the learning process and in competence evaluation, to be able to capture and support teachers and students and enable achievement of study requirements.

Digital assessment is becoming the norm, both for students who are physically in school and for students who study at a distance and regardless of the form of education.

Dugga works clearly according to the thesis that no student should be affected by their name, skin color, gender, religion or how they are perceived in the classroom when it comes to grading and evaluation. Dugga enables all tests to be correct and fair because most types of questions can be corrected automatically and in addition, the correction can be done anonymously. This naturally means that students and teachers feel safe and research shows that security gives better study results.

Minimal support required

It is equally important that everyone with special needs has the same opportunities to learn or educate themselves to achieve their goals. Dugga makes this possible by combining research, pedagogy together with technology such as advanced AI and lots of support functions such as support for reading comprehension, spelling, language, sound, image and video.

A solution that will always work and require minimal support must of course be cloud-based and the logical partner for the companies that develop for school and learning is Microsoft and their cloud solution, Azure. This provides a reliable platform with lots of opportunities, partner solutions and high user-friendliness as a result. The collaboration with Microsoft and their partners has become an award-winning platform and it has taken Dugga from prescence in Sweden to over 120 countries.

Microsoft Partner of the Year

With the corona pandemic in mind, Dugga has made it possible for many organisations to train remotely all over the world. That is why Dugga was also awarded the Microsoft Partner of the Year award in the Education category in 2020.

Now, Dugga also communicates with its customers with Infracom’s complete telephone solution and exchange, integrated with Microsoft Teams, which is of crucial importance for a small company with a global communication requirement.

InfraCom and Teams

– Previously, we had a telephony solution with different telephone operators and our exchange was not integrated with our mobile phones either. We already used Microsoft Teams for internal communication and digital meetings, and therefore realised that we could have the benefits of integrating all our communication in a single platform, says Ola Sannerholm, Regional Sales Manager, Dugga.

The search for a new communication solution was in full swing when InfraCom was mentioned as an alternative to Microsoft contacts.

– We wanted to find a solution that was flexible. Our organisation is in a growth phase at the moment, so with the telephone and the switchboard integrated in Teams, we saw many functions that we could benefit from, both now and in the future.

We decided to implement InfraCom’s telephony solution in Microsoft Teams, and the result has been a solution with scalability and good functionality at a reasonable cost.

– A reliable relationship with our supplier in combination with fast service and help when needed is very important to us. InfraCom has been fast and agile as soon as we have been in need of support. The result of our new solution is that we have a partner for all our communication needs, in a single application and today our customers can get in touch with us within an average waiting time of 9 seconds!

Ola Sannerholm, Regional Sales Manager, Dugga