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Network as a service

InfraCom takes responsibility for your local network and ensures that it functions optimally and securely. InfraCom monitors the solution and can find and fix errors before you notice them. If you combine the solution with fiber from InfraCom, you will get a complete solution where we take responsibility for the entire chain and help you with the entire infrastructure.

The solution is designed to work with InfraCom’s telephony, where all parts of the solution are optimized and real-time communication is required.


Fiber as a service

Infracom delivers Internet access and point-to-point connections to businesses and organizations with high requirements for uptime and high transfer capacity. Business-critical communication requires redundant solutions and dedicated transfer capacity.

Firewall as a service

With the Firewall as a service service, you purchase a complete security function from InfraCom. Your information is protected with the latest cyber security technology and certified techniques ensure that your network is protected against both internal and external threats.

WiFi as a service

With the WiFi as a service service, you purchase a complete wireless function from InfraCom. Access points, setup, and monitoring are all included in the service and you pay a fixed monthly price. InfraCom has experience installing smaller systems as well as larger systems with hundreds of access points working together to create a complete environment.

Switch as a service

The service includes everything needed for a secure and stable solution at a fixed price per switch per month, with hardware from market-leading suppliers, dimensioned to meet your needs. The service includes operation and monitoring. The entire solution is continuously documented to make it easy to troubleshoot in the event of problems or disruptions.