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Infinity is a cloud PBX with endless possibilities

Welcome to a new world of telephone systems where the possibilities are infinite. With Infinity, there are no limits. We include all advanced features as standard. A switchboard where everything you need for efficient and smart telephony is at your fingertips.

Infinity Cloud PBX

Desktop, mobile or Teams?

With Infinity, you can mix and match our services so that your users get exactly what they need. Call from your mobile, with our integrated Teams telephony or with our desktop application. Of course, Infinity also works with a regular desk phone.

Infinity Cloud PBX

Example of innovation: The call journey

We have a dedicated group of developers who are constantly improving our cloud-based PBX and client applications to optimize your communication.

One of our most impressive features is the “Call Journey” – a unique feature on our Infinity desktop app for MAC, PC and inside Microsoft Teams where you can see every call in real time. You get information about the caller, which route the call takes through your system, length of queue time, forwarding of the call and more.

This is just one of the many innovative features you can expect when you become a customer with us. Contact us now to find out how we can improve your communication systems!

All the features you could need!

Infinity gives you a lot for the money. The functions are available regardless of whether it is a desk phone, cordless phone, softphone or mobile. Each user can use an infinite number of devices.

The user receives our mobile app and our desktop application which is downloaded and installed on any computer. Logged in, you can control your calls and have full control over your PBX.

Infinity Cloud PBX

Customize Infinity according to your needs

Choose the number of call groups, response messages, integrations, etc. according to your own needs. Create your own groups, add/remove members via the user-friendly web portal. Change in groups, type of groups and number of groups as often as you want and when you want without any additional costs.

Work freely

Take the PBX functions with you wherever you want. At home or to the beach.

Call statistics

Get help analyzing your calls, see missed calls and improve your customer support.

Calendar connection

Automatically updates calendar and contacts in your profiles.

Callback Mail

Receive an email if you miss a call so you can easily call back. This means satisfied customers!

Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, Salesforce, Dynamics, SAP, etc.

We have the integrations required to make everything work.

Quick and safe installation

With our personal service, you always have direct contact with those who deliver your solution.

Scalable PBX

Adapt the phone service to your company as you grow. Pay only for what is used.

Integrate mobiles into the service

Discover how you easily can move calls seamless between the mobile and the softphone in the computer.

Integrate existing PBX

We can of course integrate Infinity with existing PBX if necessary

Free internal calls

Conversations between colleagues cost nothing as they take place within the exchange.

User-friendly clients

Control your telephony with our mobile clients or our desktop app. Monitor queues, connect calls and much more.

Advanced phone queues

Call all agents? First call 2 agents and then 1 backup? We can solve all your requirements.

Operator interface

Our Infinity desktop can be run in operator mode with extended functions.


See call times and response times, how do customers perceive your availability?


Click on tel or callto links and call directly with your computer via our Desktop app.

Mark-2 call

Highlight the phone number, press the selected key (e.g. F3) and call with the computer.

Experts in Teams calling

  • InfraCom has been named voice partner of the year by Microsoft several times.
  • InfraCom was one of eight global direct routing partners to Microsoft when Microsoft Teams telephony was launched.
  • InfraCom is a Gold partner of Microsoft.
  • In our support, Microsoft-certified technicians answer all your questions.
Infinity Cloud PBX

Infracom an operator in many countries

With InfraCom you can have  numbers for all countries using the same operator.

We can offer numbers in 60 countries and offers national number plan and emergency calling in these countries.

Integrate with your systems

Infinity can be integrated with support or business systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Zendesk and more

When the customer calls, the customer details are opened automatically.