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Infinity Teams – Third Generation

Infinity Teams with InfraCom’s 3rd generation of Microsoft Teams apps gives collaboration a whole new meaning. InfraCom presents a ground-breaking innovative solution with the new call journey function.

The new unique call journey feature makes everyone more productive and gets all the information before they answer.

Experts in Microsoft Teams calling

  • InfraCom has been named voice partner of the year by Microsoft several times
  • InfraCom was one of eight global direct routing partners to Microsoft when Microsoft Teams telephony was launched.
  • In our support, Microsoft-certified technicians answer all your questions

Havi leads the way with calling solutions using Microsoft Teams

Until the Autumn of 2020, Havi had a very old switch solution for telephony that was connected to, among other things, Italy’s analog telecommunications network, which gave them high telephony costs. In addition, they had several suppliers involved to manage the operation.

High costs and an unclear cost picture were not the only problems that hit Havi. They also had difficulties with troubleshooting the old switching solution that went via the analogue telecommunications network.

Microsoft Teams Phone system
Microsoft Teams Phone system

Direct routing as a service

If you want to use Office 365 for calling services, we offer the Direct Routing service where InfraCom acts as operator and takes care of all the infrastructure and ensures that you can call and use Microsoft Teams and Office 365 as your calling colution.

The advantages are several, but one of the most important is that if Microsoft Teams fails or if you have problems in your office, you have the option of backup solutions where InfraCom ensures that you can still handle your telephony using, for example, mobile phones or a backup cloud PBX solution.

Infracom an operator in many countries

With InfraCom you can have  numbers for all countries using the same operator.

We can offer numbers in 60 countries and offers national number plan and emergency calling in these countries.

Integrate with your systems

Infinity can be integrated with support or business systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Zendesk and more

When the customer calls, the customer details are opened automatically.