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Infinity Mobil – Full functionality for the company and the PBX available on mobile!

Mobile subscriptions should not be separate entities in the company’s communication solution. With Infinity mobile, your business receives communication that works with all different types of phones and regardless of where the user answers!

Through our smart app, you get access to manage your response groups, connect to colleagues, etc. but also innovative features such as being able to control your status based on where you are.

Mobile solution

The mobile way of doing it!

Infinity provides endless possibilities. In the user portal there are functions such as being able to manage users, mobiles and statistics.

You also have innovative services such as being able to decide exactly which settings and functions your Infinity mobile user should see. You can lock down the settings you need to make it easier for different user groups. Come to Infinity mobile and the future!

Infracom an operator in many countries

With InfraCom you can haveĀ  numbers for all countries using the same operator.

We can offer numbers in 60 countries and offers national number plan and emergency calling in these countries.

Integrate with your systems

Infinity can be integrated with support or business systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Zendesk and more

When the customer calls, the customer details are opened automatically.