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Telephone that works the same way across borders

InfraCom can offer unified telephony across borders. With  business in several countries, it is now easy to keep your company telephony solution integrated. The same provider and the same contact network in all countries.

InfraCom is a registered operator in several countries and therefore has local termination such as emergency calls 112 in these countries. As a customer, you can feel safe knowing that InfraCom complies with all laws and regulations that apply in the specific country. Examples of countries where InfraCom Communications is a registered operator: Denmark, Norway, England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, UK. InfraCom is also a virtual operator in over 60 countries and therefore offers end-to-end solutions for communication across borders in all these countries. You don’t need to worry about the laws and regulations that apply in each individual country. InfraCom is an expert in this and guides you right in the jungle of operators and rules. How, for example, should 112 be handled in different countries? We are experts and know what applies.

Operator in many countries

Havi is leading the way in cross-border telephony solutions via Teams

Until the fall of 2020, Havi had a very old PBX solution for telephony that was connected to Italy’s analog telephone network, which gave them high telephony costs. In addition, they had several providers involved in managing operations.

Havi has now launched InfraCom’s Infinity with Teams with InfraCom as the operator in Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, and Norway.

Infracom is providing PBX and number services for over 700 of Havi’s employees in these countries.

Infracom an operator in many countries

With InfraCom you can have  numbers for all countries using the same operator.

We can offer numbers in 60 countries and offers national number plan and emergency calling in these countries.

Integrate with your systems

Infinity can be integrated with support or business systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Zendesk and more

When the customer calls, the customer details are opened automatically.