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InfraCom has been delivering SIP trunks for 20 years to thousands of customers and is an expert in security and telephony. We are used to delivering SIP trunks to customers with thousands of users working in a variety of industries.

InfraCom’s SIP trunk is suitable for customers with their own PBX or a custom-built telephony system that they only want to connect numbers and channels to. We offer a redundant SIP trunk that is produced in two different geographical data centers for maximum availability.


SIP-Trunk with numbers in 60+ countries

Do you need numbers in Spain? Or maybe Germany?

We don’t just have numbers in over 60 countries, we are also registered operators in many countries with full local number management and termination. This means that we follow all the local regulations, such as delivering emergency calls via 112 in the country.

BYOC  – Bring Your Own Carrier

We have developed a concept called Bring Your Own Carrier, BYOC. It is suitable for customers with a long-term contract with their current operator or an office in a country where it is not feasible to switch operators. With BYOC, we can connect our telephony services, such as Infinity Cloud PBX, via a SIP trunk from that operator to us.

This means that you can use us as your service provider for all telephony, even if you cannot or do not want to switch operators for certain numbers or countries. The SIP trunk connection we offer for BYOC is of course redundant with two different geographical data centers and encrypted with TLS/SRTP.

Infracom an operator in many countries

With InfraCom you can have  numbers for all countries using the same operator.

We can offer numbers in 60 countries and offers national number plan and emergency calling in these countries.

Integrate with your systems

Infinity can be integrated with support or business systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Zendesk and more

When the customer calls, the customer details are opened automatically.